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Enzyme Science™ represents exceptional solutions for digestive health. In addition we offer unique enzyme blends formulated with vital nutraceuticals to support various health functions including cardiovascular, immune, and joint support.*Enzyme Science offers innovative programs to simplify the distribution and supply of our nutritional supplements.

Enzyme Science™ Product Guarantee

•    Exceptional Quality & Purity
•    Immediate Bioavailability
•    Superior Results & Patient Satisfaction
•    Absolutely no Fillers
•    100% Vegetarian Formulas
•    Vegan & Kosher When Available

Exceptional Quality & PurityLeafandWaterImageSm

The FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for Dietary Supplements require that manufacturers establish quality control procedures and standard operating procedures such as premarket safety determinations, toxicology reports, stability testing, ingredient identity testing, and serious adverse event reporting. Enzyme Science exceeds FDA requirements for Good Manufacturing Practices by voluntarily becoming certified by NSF International (GMP Certified). NSF is a third party GMP auditing and compliance company that is well known for having the highest standards of GMP Certification.The result of this additional audit is superior manufacturing standards.

    A History of Expertise


    Enzyme Science™ has defined purity by ensuring that all raw materials used in production are from the highest quality and purest sources available.  Enzyme Science™ has spared no expense to ensure that their formulas never contain fillers or excipients, nor utilize flow agents in their production. This guarantees the purest products with immediate bioavailability, as well as products that inspire confidence in their safety and efficacy.


    Using intelligent formulation, Enzyme Science™ utilizes proven technology for blending multiple strains of enzymes, shown to be far superior in potency over competing brands. They also proudly bring you ATProTM, an exclusive blend of critical nutrients that provide ATP (adenosine-5-Triphosphate) and enhance ATP production. This coenzyme is essential for nutrient absorption and propels Enzyme Science formulations to the next level in superior results and patient satisfaction.


    Enzyme Science Laboratory

    Specializing in enzyme assays, the Enzyme Science Lab (ESL) tests each batch of product for enzyme activity.

    Enzymes are best measured by determining their potential to break down a substrate.
    This is usually expressed in the form of active units as a measure of potency.

    For years we have devoted ourselves to perfecting procedures and methodologies for validating and enhancing enzyme potency.

    ESL uses methodologies published from the Food Chemical Codex (FCC), a compendium of standards used internationally for establishing the quality and purity of food ingredients. By using these recognized assay procedures we ensure that the methodology utilized can be reproduced to verify accuracy and legitimacy.

    Our professional and dedicated staff maintains a compliant quality system per current GMP regulations for the dietary supplement industry. Though not required by the FDA, Enzyme Science and its lab is independently audited twice a year by NSF International to maintain the highest standard of quality and purity.

    Account Application for Healthcare Professionals

    For our valued healthcare professionals, we offer online access to our order form (for active accounts in the US) in addition to exclusive content which will help you stay up-to-date on the latest Enzyme Science developments.

    If you are a healthcare practitioner , we invite you to apply by downloading and filling out the appropriate Account Application Form.

    Upon acceptance, your unique username and password will be emailed to you. 

    Patient Direct Ordering Program

    Enzyme Science has partnered with Natural Dispensary! This patient direct ordering program will allow you to offer your patients a convenient ordering solution without having to dispense products yourself.

    Through this partnership, you and your patients will benefit from an industry-leading program for distribution and supply of nutritional supplements.

    Please download the attached flyer from the link below for more invormation on this great opportunity.  You can also visit and browse Natural Dispensary's website.

    Program Features:

    • Free enrollment - No annual membership fees.

    • Secure referral PIN - Patient registration and future transactions require a physician referral PIN which is alphanumeric for additional security.  Your office will supply the PIN to patients.

    • Monthly reporting to your office - Reports are categorized by patient and product so you can ensure patient compliance.

    • Online access 24/7 - Patients can place orders or examine product fact sheets at their convenience.

    • Autoship program - Patients may enroll in a convenient recurring order program to ensure uninterrupted supply of products.

    • Shipment tracking capability - Natural Dispensary will bill patients and confirmation will be sent via e-mail, allowing patients to track shipments.

    For more information, to set up an account or to place and order, contact an Enzyme Science sales representative or Natural Dispensary directly at

    877-NATDISP (877) 628.3477
    View Enzyme Science Patient Direct Ordering Information   

    Visit Natural Dispensary   Natural-Dispensary-C4962B5

    Identify Kit


    Identify Products

    • Bean & Veggie

    • ph attain

    • Identify Gluten

    • Identify Dairy
    • Identify Bean & Veggie
    • Identify pH Attain
    • Identify Gluten
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